Top 8 Best hair trimmer for men India: Complete Review

Best trimmer for men in India

Are you looking for the best trimmer for men in India?

From the past few years, beard styling has been in trend.
Nowadays, everyone is giving extra attention to shaping their beards and wants to look cool.
The main problem arises when it comes to shape your beard, as the beard hairs are growing quickly, so it’s quite expensive to visit salons every time.
For them, buying a trimmer is the best solution.
A beard trimmer enhances your personality by giving your beard a new look. But which is the best trimmer for men in India? Is the big question.
So we came up with this article where we help you to find the best trimmer for you.
The list is completely dedicated for all who are looking for the Best trimmer for men in India.
Before we start our list of best trimmer for men in India, let me bring one thing to your notice that the price range of these trimmers for men under 1500.
Moreover, we’ve listed the selection process to pick these trimmers in our list.
• Brand & Quility:- we terminated the cheap brands from our list. These trimmers are top-selling brands, which are popular for their quality and performance. 
• Easy to maintain:- we keep our close eyes on such trimmers, which are easy to maintain. Our main aim is to serve the college students and professionals as they don’t have much time.
• Performance:- Trimmers aren’t a daily buying product, so the trimmer must give the best performance and run for a long time.
• Customer review:- These reviews are based online and offline. We narrow down the best-rated product and listed in our list.
So without further delay, let’s start…

1.Philips BT1215/15 usb cordless beard trimmer

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Philips brands are well know of their quality and trustworthiness. Philips BT1215/15 Beard Trimmer gives you a right grooming solution.

Philips using DuraPower technology, which cuts the friction on the blades and protects the motor and the battery, which gives a long-lasting battery life.

These trimmer’s have stainless steel blades, which are extra sharp and rust-free. These blades sharpening themselves while trimming, which makes them more sharp. 

Moreover, these beard Trimmers come with an USB cable charger.

USB charging gives you tension-free charging, as you can connect it through your laptop and charge them while working on your computer.

You can use the trimmer up to 60 min of cordless by charging the trimmer for 8 hrs.

Added to that, these trimmers are easy to clean, as you have to separate the head and put it under running water to clean it. Once it’s done, dry the head and connect it back, your trimmer is ready to use again.

The LED indication at the bottom of the trimmer  indicates the charging status.

These trimmers come with four stubble and beard combs, which are 1, 3, 5, and 7 and zero for trim look.

Key feature:-

• Corded and cordless use
• Push button to use
• Lift & trim system
• Self-sharpening stainless steel blades
• Travel and storage pouch
• Easy to clean

Pro Tips:-

If you have a long beard, then use 7 or 5mm comb to trim your beard.

For a stubble look of your beard use 1mm comb.

Final verdict:-

If you are looking for the best trimmer under 1000, then Philips BT1215/15 makes for a great buy. 

2.SYSKA HT200U Pro beard trimmer

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On our list of Best trimmer for men in India, at second, we have SYSKA HT200U Beard Trimmer.  Syska Beard Trimmer gives you a hassle-free shape of your beard.

These Syska Beard trimmer comes with rototech technology, which gives you a safe and smooth trimming and protects your skin from any damage.

Moreover, Syska Beard trimmers have stainless steel blades material. Furthermore, these blades sharpen themselves when you use them for trimming, they grind each other and give you the same precision finish every single time.

Their 5-length-settings allows you to customize your own beard style every single time. The in-built adjustable comb ensures an efficient trim session.

You can use these trimmers up to  40 min without connecting the cord. Moreover these trimmers support USB charging.

These trimmers are light in weight and have 260gm of weight. Added to that, Syska Beard trimmer comes with anti slip grip, which gives you an extra comfort while trimming.

Key feature:-

• 5-length settings
• Anti-slip Grip
• 2 years of warranty
• Self-sharpening stainless steel blades
• Charging Led
• Removable & Washable trimmer head

Pro Tips:-

You can use 2 drops of the trimmer oil in a month to maintain the sharpness of the blades.

Final verdict:-

SYSKA HT200U makes for a great buy if you are looking for a trimmer under 1000. Moreover, there are a few more variants of Syska trimmers available under 1000.

3.Philips QP2525/10 Cordless beard trimmer

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While we are on the topic of the best trimmer for men in India, we cannot miss out on Philips QP2525/10! 

The Philips QP2525/10 are OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer, which you can use to shape your beard, trim your beard or shave them.

There, dual protection system makes them more secure as protective plate, which are present on top of the cutter, prevent the blade from touching your skin.

Moreover, there,  high-performance cutter powers through hair at 200 times/sec and gives you a sharp edge, gives your well-shaped beard. 

The major difference between the OneBlade technology  and regular razor is that the OneBlade doesn’t shave as much closer as the regular blades did.

It prevents your skin from blackness and allows your skin to stay comfortable. You can use Philips QP2525/10 trimmer up to 45 min with 8 hrs of charging. 

The best part of these philips trimmer is that the blades are durable and you can use the blade for 4 months, which makes them the Best trimmer for men in India.

These Trimmers are water-resistant, so you can easily wash them under tap water. The dual-sided blade will allow you to use it from any side.

The Trimmers came with 1 , 3 , 5mm comb, so you can use it as per your need.

Key feature:-

• Unique OneBlade technology
• 3-in-1-trimmer for style, trim & save
• 2 years of warranty
• 160g of light weight
• Water resistance
• Dual side blade

Pro Tips:-

Don’t put any extra pressure while using the philips trimmer for saving purpose, as it’ll damage your skin. Moreover, we recommend you to not use any extra blades to shape your beard.

Final verdict:-

If you’re a person who loves to shape your beard  frequently, then Philips QP2525/10 is a good-to-buy product for you.

Philips QP2525/10 makes for a great buy if you are looking for a trimmer under 2000. 

4.Mi Corded & Cordless Waterproof Beard Trimmer

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The MI trimmers are specially designed with Stainless steel blade material. The unique quad-edge design allows you to reach out to every area of the face tough spots, and gives you an effortless trimming.

These MI trimmer offers versatile Corded, which means you can use these trimmers with and without connecting into the charging.

Moreover, MI trimmers will give you 90 min of cordless use after 2 hrs of charging. As these trimmers have IPX7 waterproof technology, which makes the complete body washable.

Which means you can easily wash the entire body after shaving to make it clean. Moreover, the Travel lock feature gives an extra protection while traveling with the trimmer.

The trimmer offers 40-length-settings with 0.5mm precision and two combs. 

The prior lubricant coating on the blades reduce the friction between the blades and provides you a safe trimming every time.

Key feature:-

•  Prior lubricant coating on blades
• 3-in-1-trimmer for style, trim & save
• 1 years of warranty
• 214g of lightweight
• IPX7 makes whole-body water resistance
• Charging LED indicator
• Travel Pouch with Cleaning Brush 

Pro Tips:-

As the MI trimmers come with  prior lubricant coating on there blades, we recommend you to put coconut oil  lubricate the underside of the blade if required

Final verdict:-

These MI Corded & Cordless Waterproof Beard Trimmer gives you a quick charge and long performance. Moreover, you can use it with and without cord to trim your beard.

As far as the best trimmer for men in India, this has got to rank near the top!

MI makes for a great buy if you are looking for a trimmer under 1500. 

5.Wahl Beard Trimmer

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Wahl Beard Trimmer are a multi-purpose tool which meets all requirements. What makes the Wahl Best trimmer for men in India is its unmatchable performance.

Moreover, the Wahl trimmers came up with  the high carbon-grounded blades, which gives you a clean cut every time. Added to that, these blades are self-sharpening, which keeps the blade sharp for a long time.

These Wahl trimmers are easy to washable — you need to open the head and put it under running water to clean the hair. 

The Trimmer gives you 60 min of cordless trimming after 3 hrs of charging. These trimmers came up with travel locks.

Wahl Beard Trimmer offers you multiple cutting lengths ranging 0.5mm to 12mm. 

Key feature:-

• Self sharpening carbon ground blade
• Less noisy in comparison to other trimmers
• 1 years of warranty
• 500g of weight
• Washable head
• Battery LED indicator
• Stylish design and easy to handle
• Came up with Blade Guard, and Soft Storage Case

Pro Tips:-

Although you can use it with or without charging, we recommend you to go with wireless charging for the best performance.

Final verdict:-

Wahl makes for a great buy if you are looking for a trimmer under 1500. Moreover, as far as the best trimmer for men go, this has got to rank near the top!

6.Braun MGK3221, Beard Trimmer

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For all of those who don’t like a messy bathroom with multiple grooming instruments, then this multi-purpose Braun MGK3221 6-in-1-All-in-one Trimmer can meet all your requirements.

What makes it the best trimmer for men in India is its unmatched power, performance, and multi-tasking features. 

The Lifetime Sharp Blades gives you a long-lasting performance, as you can easily cut through long or thick hair without pulling and tugging.

The Braun trimmers adjustable combs give you the option to cut your long and short beard. Moreover, you can easily cut your nose and ear hair with ease.

The 6-in-1 Braun trimmers offers you 50 min of cordless trimming after 10 hours of charging.

These trimmers are also the best hair trimmer for men India, as you can easily cut your hair to the precise length you need.

You can cut from 0.5–21mm with the two dual-purpose adjustable combs. There Ergonomic grip gives you effortless trimming experience while shaping your hair.

The 6-in-1 Braun trimmers kit includes not just a quality trimmer, but also a variety of interchangeable shaving heads and maintenance equipment. Now you can achieve 6 jobs with 1 device.

Key feature:-

• Ear, Nose & Hair trimming included 
• 6-in-1 beard trimmer for men
• 2 years of warranty
• 240g of weight
• 13 length settings
• NiMH battery
• Ergonomic grip for intuitive use.
• Came up with One Beard & hair trimmer, 1 Ear & Nose trimmer, One 4 combs,  and One Smart plug charger

Pro Tips:-

Use 11–20m comb for long beard or hair styles, and for medium beards (0.5-10mm) and stubbles.

Final verdict:-

This is one tool that has the power to cut, trim, and detail from head to toe: in the list of best trimmer for men in India — this has got to rank near the top!

Furthermore, if you are looking for the Best trimmer for men under 2000, then Braun 6-in-1-trimmer-are one of the best choices to go with.

Added to that, Braun 6-in-1-trimmer-ar are also the best choice if you are looking for the best hair trimmer for men.

7.Kubra KB-1001 Beard Trimmer

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In the list of best trimmer in India, at second last, we have Kubra KB-1001 beard trimmer.

 Kubra KB-1001 USB Fast charging gives you the best and smooth trimming experience with every trimming experience.

You’ll get 90 min of trimming after charging the trimmer for 90 min. Moreover, you can use them while it is connecting to the charging slot, as well as once it’s charged completely.

The 40-position-adjustable combs  brings you a complete solution of facial hair grooming problems-in one! And always gives you a salon-style trim.

Either you want to trim your beard or want to style your beard, Kubra KB-1001 gives you complete control and comfortable. The blades are washable, so you can easily clean them after use.

The Stainless-steel blades give them more durability and increase the trimmer’s amp. Added to that, the rounded blade tips, and combs prevent the irritation to skin

Key feature:-

• Stainless steel blade 
• 90 min of quick charging
• 1 years of warranty
• 325g of weight
• Adjustable 40 Length Setting
• USB Charging
• Ultra Sleek design
• Came up with brush to clean and oil for greasing the blades.

Pro Tips:-

If you don’t want clean shave and wanted to look like second day after  razor shaving, then use the trimmer at 0.5mm.

Final verdict:-

If you are looking for a low-budget Best hair trimmer for men India, along with the Best beard trimmer for men, which is under 1000, then Kubra KB-1001 is the best to-go option for you.

8.Lifelong LLPCM05 Beard Trimmer

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Lifelong LLPCM05 beard trimmer comes with 20 Adjustable length settings. The Detachable stainless steel and fully washable blades makes them one of the Best trimmer for men in India.

Moreover, Lifelong LLPCM05 beard trimmer gives you 50 min of non-stop trimming after 8hrs of charging.

The Adjustment Length settings, from 0.4–10mm, give you the perfect trim and give you a perfect shape of your beard every time.

Lifelong LLPCM05 beard trimmer will initiate full refund of money or replacement with brand new product in case of any issues with product.

At last, the charging-so Lifelong LLPCM05 beard trimmer comes with USB cable charger.

Key feature:-

• Stainless steel blade 
• 50 min of quick charging
• 1 years of warranty + Full refund of money or replacement with brand new product
• 200 g of weight
• Adjustable 20 Length Setting
• USB Charging + Charging indicator
• Fully washable blades
• Came up with brush to clean the blades.

Pro Tips:-

To ensure the best performance, be sure to regularly clean out the hair from the trimmer that the vacuum sucks up.

Final verdict:-

If you are looking for a best trimmer for men under 500, then Lifelong LLPCM05 will be a great deal for you.

Best Trimmer For Men In India: Frequently Asked Questions

Best trimmer for men in India

1. Is a trimmer harmful to skin?

The answer is, it depends on the quality of trimmer and moreover on the quality of the blades. The professionals always suggest stainless steel blades, trimmers to use, as it has less chance of damaging your skin than a traditional razor.

2.How to pick a perfect trimmers for your beard?

First, you have to understand your beard, hair quality and its growing trend. It helps you to understand the how many clips you require to maintain your beard.

Added to that, you also have to set your budget limit, as there are a lot of trimmers available in the market with a low-to-high price range.

3.Titanium blades or stainless steel blades?

No doubt Titanium are more durable than stainless steel blades, but only the difference is on there price. Titanium blades are more expensive than the stainless blades.

So if you are looking for more features in low budget then go with stainless steel blades, but if you’re ok with a high-budget trimmers, then you must go with Titanium blade trimmers. Choice is yours…

4.Can I use a hair trimmer while charging?

Yes, definitely, you can use a trimmer while charging. In fact, we’ve listed multiple trimmers for men, which gives you the option to use them with and without charging.

However, we also recommend you to not use a trimmer because while connecting it to charging it can wear the battery out much faster.

5.Beard trimmers clippers Vs hair clippers?

Umm, If I have to say I can say that both are almost similar, but the uses of both the clippers are different. The hair trimmers are suitable for cutting head hair and the beard trimmer is for beard.

Only the major difference between them are there device size and blade length.

6.How can I lubricate my trimmer?

Trimmers, either you have the best trimmer for beard or a best trimmer for head both gives you the best performance if you oiled them properly.

Almost most of them came up with a bottle of oil to clean the trimmers, but if you have a trimmer which doesn’t have an oil bottle included, then the best option is to go with coconut oil.

Before you apply any oil to the blade, make sure the blades are properly cleaned and wet.

7.How do you sharpen a beard trimmer?

All of the trimmer blades rum themself and sharp them with its own however you can also use coarse sharpening stones to sharpen the blades. 

8.Which beard trimmer length should I use?

Now its depend on your requirements and on your beard length. However, it’s better to go with the long trimmer settings and then switch to the shorter as per your need.

How to grow a beard faster? Tips and tricks to grow a thicker and fuller beard naturally.
© Pinterest

Growing and shaping the beard are one of today’s trends among the youngsters. However, most of us don’t have much information on how to care for them and keeping them in shape is a big task.

We listed a few tips and tricks which help you to grow the beard hair more, faster, in a natural way. Moreover, these tips help you to thicken your hair and give you a patchy-free beard.

1.Use Shampoo

There’s a big misconception is to not use shampoo on the beard, but the real fact is we must have to use shampoo to nourish the beard hair. However, we must know which shampoo we have to go with.

There are a lot of shampoo available in the market, which you can use for your beard.

The best practice you use the shampoo on your beard is to apply them everyday or if it’s not possible, then at list  4 days in a week.

Just like your hair, your beard also needs to be clean. Shampoo removes the dandruff from your beard and gives a shining and clean hair.

• Check best beard shampoo for your beard growth

2. Use beard Oils

Oiling is one of the best practices you can use to give your beard thickness. Moreover, it helps you to remove unwanted patches from your face and gives you a dark, thick beard.

It doesn’t mean you have to overload your beard from an oil. You only have to take a pinch of oil and gently massage nearby the patchy skin.

The only purpose is to oiling your beard, to nourish the hair, which gives the strength to your beard.

Check best beard oil for your beard growth

3. Add proteins and vitamins to your diet

No matter how much you use a best trimmer or a best beard oil, if your diet isn’t healthy, you never meet the goal of growing a thick and shiny beard. 

The best way to add minerals and vitamins to add a healthy diet in your daily life. These are some of the best foods for hair growth.

EGG — As they are a good source of Proteins. (If you’re a vegetarian, then you can skip this),

Berries — These having beneficial compounds and vitamins  

Spinach– Gives you multiple nutrients like folate, iron, and vitamins A and C, which are good for hair.

Fatty Fish– Which are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Sweet potatoes — These have a rich source of iron and copper

Nuts — Nuts like Walnuts and almonds are excellent sources of nutrients.

NOTE:- If you’re allergic to any of them, then we recommend you consult your doctor before you have them.

Best Trimmer in India–Buying Guide

At the start of the article, as I mentioned in our selection process, how we created our list of Best trimmer for men in India. In added to that, let me help you all how you can buy a good trimmer for yourself?

To pick the best trimmer for you, you have to consider some important aspects. Let’s check out them.

© Amazon

As I earlier mentioned in our selection process, we consider the brand as our one of the top priority.

It’s not only because these have a high range of advertising budgets to endorse in-there promotion, but also because the quality of these products are higher than regular trimmers.

A branded company has a big team who monitors the market and brings the best ideas, which work in the market and most importantly, gives the user more priority to serve them in the best way.

It’s always better to go with the top brand rather than to invest in an unknown brand.

Types of Trimmer

Most of us are only aware of a trimmer type, which has a foil over the head of the trimmer and  behind that there are two sets of oscillating blades.

But a few years before, Phillips introduced a brand-new innovation in the world of trimmers: Rotary trimmers, which comes with a rotor blades on the head of the device that rotate to trim the hair.

There are a few major difference between a Foil trimmer and a Rotary trimmer. These are:-

1. Foil trimmers are easy to use of every type of hair, where Rotary trimmers are ideal for thick hairs.

2. Foil trimmers are a little noisy, then the Rotary trimmers.

3. Best to shape or trim your beard or mustache where Rotary trimmers are suitable for thick and coarse hair.

4. Foil trimmer can damage your skin if you put more pressure while trimming, where Rotary trimmers are safer than the Foil trimmers.

5. Foil trimmers are easy to clean where Rotary trimmers are little hard to clean.

Final Verdict:-

In the list of best trimmers for men in India, we try to cover each topic now as a buyer, you have a complete right to pick the best of best among all. We tried to bring the best trimmers, which are available in the market.

We hope you’ll pick the best trimmer for yourself however if you yet have confusion, feel free to check the complete buying guide. Moreover, you can also ask your query in the comment sections.

We’re glad to assist you to pick the best trimmers for men in India, which you can buy for yourself. We’re curious to know which trimmer you buy. You can write the brand name in the comment section.

If you like the article, we request you to share it with your friends and relatives, who are yet confused, to choose the best trimmers for them. 

Happy purchasing!

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